Use it on a mobile Internet computer

Use it on a mobile Internet computer

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Here’s how to use your phone’s network connection on a computer
Last week we started our series of help stories on The first part dealt with clearing the phone files and resetting the phone to factory settings. This time we look at how different operating systems can share an internet connection on a tablet or computer, for example.

On all platforms, network connection sharing is relatively simple.


Sharing over Wi-Fi

Go to settings
Select “My contact point”
Press on under “My access point”
Go to Wi-Fi settings on your computer and select iPhone
Enter the password to connect the computer to the network
Sharing via USB

Connect iPhone to your computer with a USB cable
Start connection sharing from iPhone
The computer automatically connects to the network
1. In the settings, select “My access point”
2. Start connection sharing
3. In your computer’s network settings, select iPhone as the connection

The Wi-Fi password can be changed by the user as desired. However, it must be at least eight characters long. The user can also share the network via Bluetooth if desired, but it is the slowest of the three options.
With Windows 8, the easiest way to find network settings is in the right sidebar. In this image, the computer has automatically connected itself to the network using the iPhone 5c and Galaxy S6 edge smartphones connected with a USB cable. Networks that may be shared over a Wi-Fi connection can also be found in the same menu


Wi-Fi sharing:

Go to settings
Find “Mobile base station and connection sharing”
Go to “Mobile base station”
Turn on splitting
In your computer’s network settings, select your own shared network
The completed or changeable password is displayed either in “Mobile base station” or in the advanced settings menu depending on the device
Sharing via USB cable:

Connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable
Start USB sharing from “Mobile base station and connection sharing”
Your computer will automatically turn on the network
Even on Android, the Internet can also be shared via Bluetooth. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in the Android section served as an example device.
1. Go to Settings and find Mobile Base Station and Connection Sharing
2. Start the distribution method you want
3. If you started Wi-Fi sharing, you can change the password and network name in the “Other” section

Windows Phone

Go to settings
Under the heading Network + Wireless, you’ll find “Internet Connection Sharing.”
Turn on sharing
Below you can select either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as the sharing method
You can change the network name and password if you wish
Unfortunately, with Windows Phone, network sharing is not possible via a USB cable.

1. Go to “Internet Connection Sharing”
2. Start sharing after you have decided how to share
3. Connect the computer to the shared network
4. In Advanced Settings, you can change the password and network name


We hope these tips on using your mobile device help you. You can find other tips we have published on our help pages.

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