Some required shortcuts on the computer

Some required shortcuts on the computer

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Concerning the shortcut keys of the computer Windows, manual sorting, please correct me to add
2018-11-24 Posted by Dong Yueting in Technology

Microsoft’s Windows system is currently the system with the highest share of personal computers. In our daily use, there will be some shortcut keys to bring us a more convenient experience. Skillful use of these shortcut keys will make us daily Both work and entertainment experience are taken to the next level.

The following is a manual sorting and release for me. If there is something wrong, please correct me.

1. Alt + F4. First of all, it is definitely the most commonly used shortcut key to close the window! Most people know this, you can quickly close windows and some programs.

2. Win + D. Win is the key of the Microsoft logo on the keyboard. It adds the D key to display the desktop function. Press this magic key combination again to return to the last application or window that used it to minimize. This set of shortcut keys can also minimize some of the more common games on the market. It can also be used with a closed shortcut key. Display the desktop first, then press the closed shortcut key to quickly bring up the window to shut down the computer. Then press Enter, the thief feels.

3. Ctrl + Alt + keyboard. The task manager that most people know, and another method suitable for notebooks is the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key. This set of key combinations directly calls up the task manager. For the 14-inch notebook party without a numeric keypad, it is a set of gospel shortcuts.

4. Alt + Tab. The function of this key combination is to quickly switch the application in the start bar.

5. Win + Tab. This set of shortcut keys is the same as the basic function of switching the background application above, but it is more similar to the background application of the mobile phone, with a preview function. In win10, a new browser history function has been added.

6. Ctrl + A. Select all files in the folder, in Word, also has the function of selecting all the content. Speaking of Word, there is also a little trick. In Word, press the Alt key to display the shortcut keys for starting, inserting, etc. in the upper menu bar.

7. Ctrl + P. Print button, in most of the content you want to print, press this button to print the current content.

8. Ctrl + D. Delete the content or file you choose, the kind without prompt, so use it with caution. Once the files in the U disk or other removable storage devices are deleted, they cannot be put in the recycle bin. There is no way to undo the operation except for data recovery.

9. Ctrl + Z. Undo your previous operation, you can undo most mistakes. However, once the files in the mobile storage device I mentioned above are deleted, they cannot be undone.

10. Ctrl + C, V. copy and paste! The most commonly used shortcut keys, in some pages or applications, the right mouse button can not open the option, so this set of shortcut keys is very practical.

11. Ctrl + W. Close the current window, such as the QQ chat box, and the separate current window of most browsers, you can use this to close.

12. Ctrl + S. Save the current operation, the most commonly used scenario: Word, edit long text, in order to prevent accidents, pressing this is an insurance measure.

13. Ctrl + Shift. Switching input methods, as most people know, there is a separate Shift key that can switch the current input method between Chinese and English, just like switching Chinese and English in a mobile phone, but not switching input methods.

14. Win + E. You can open the file explorer, which is my computer. In some friends ’computers, when my computer disappears on the desktop inexplicably, you can click this to open the file explorer. Although it is not commonly used, please remember it just in case. After all, Windows desktop icons always think about traveling.

15. In the latest Win10, Win + C can open Cortana and direct voice conversation. Xiao Na is still very easy to use for me personally, the most commonly used is the reminder function.

16. Ctrl + left mouse button. In some scenes, we may need to pick out a few songs or files to operate. These two keys are created for this purpose. You can hold down the Ctrl key and use Use the left mouse button to select the file. After selecting, release the left mouse button. Operate on the selected file.

the above.

Edited by hand, corrections and additions are welcome!

If there is anything that can be supplemented and practical by your friends, welcome to add it in the comments section below!

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