How to upload files to iCloud from PC

How to upload files to iCloud from PC

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In the past, we have shown how to access iCloud on Android, but the process is not so simplified on PC. However, you can upload files to iCloud from your PC.

As Web browsers are packaged in every major operating system, synchronizing to Web servers and accessing applications and data through websites has become many solutions. Cross compatibility issues. This is true in this and other situations.

Although it can be used on every major platform, the drop box is an example. By visiting the official Dropbox website, you can access and even modify all the files currently being shared and synchronized between devices.

Fortunately, for Mac and iPhone users, iCloud follows the same path. You can also access Apple’s proprietary cloud storage service through in your browser. In this article, we will explain how to upload files to iCloud from a PC.

What is online iCloud?
By navigating to, you can log in to your Apple iCloud account from any browser-enabled device. For iCloud accounts associated with devices running iOS 13, you will be able to use the following 12 services: mail, contacts, calendar, photos, iCloud drive, notes, reminders, pages, numbers, keynotes, find friends and find iPhone . Accounts associated with earlier iOS versions may only have access to less content.

For desktop users who do not like to hold their phones all day, accessing these applications is very useful. This is a much simpler solution to connect iPhone directly to PC to retrieve photos, videos, etc.

Although there is currently no native browser integration to interact with iCloud’s web interface, such as a plugin for reminding you on reminders or updated Notes, if you need to enter particularly long content, this is still a good way to manage the iPhone.

The most obvious example is the Notes application. If you carry multiple Apple devices with you, and the input is long and may not be completed on the iPhone, you can access iCloud through its web interface and use the keyboard to enter comments in it, and it will be automatically synchronized immediately. Pick up the iPhone after typing, and you should see it in the Notes app immediately.

How to upload files to iCloud from PC
One of the most common use cases for the iCloud web interface is to pull images, videos, and other files from iPhone to PC, and vice versa. This can be done using iCloud Drive, photo, digital and page apps, and each process is the same.

In this example, we will use the Numbers app to show how to upload files to iCloud from a PC.

At the top of this page and every other page where you can upload files in the application in the iCloud web interface, you see a cloud icon with an up arrow.

This is the upload icon, click it and a prompt will pop up, prompting you to search the system and upload one or more new files. In Windows, it uses Windows Explorer.

Click the upload icon and select one or more files. For Pages, these files must be spreadsheets, but the file limits in other iCloud applications will be different.

A specific example is that Photos does not allow you to upload PNG, which is a very common type of screenshot file. On Windows, you can hold down the Ctrl key to select and upload multiple files at once.

After uploading the file for a few seconds, you can check whether the Numbers application on your iPhone or Mac has synced.

It’s that simple. Again, this same process also applies to all other iCloud applications that are allowed to upload. All these applications also allow downloading, renaming, copying and other options.

In Pages, hovering over an item displays an ellipsis (…) button, which you can click to display options for downloading, copying, deleting, renaming, and sending a copy. These options are different between other applications, but the general process is to hover over the item and left-click or right-click the item. The options should be displayed in the menu or at the top of the page.

Accessing iCloud’s web interface and uploading files to many different applications that support it is very simple, and compared to it, it can save a lot of time to perform such tasks on the iPhone.

Although there is no indication that Windows and iOS applications will have cross-compatibility support, Web applications bridge the gap and provide us with many conveniences that were not possible.

Any tips and tricks to share information about the iCloud web interface? Have questions or comments on how to upload files from PC to iCloud? Leave us a message below and let us know!

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