How to Stay Fit at Home With Your VR Rig

How to Stay Fit at Home With Your VR Rig

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Stop immersing in the sea of ​​sofas! Technology makes sports easy
Summer is coming, hot pants, bikinis and tight T-Shirt can be seen again and again, all water sports are ready to go, are you ready to become the focus of the audience? Before summer comes, everyone should warm up! Just think of the gym treadmill and get soft all over? When you are out of breath on the treadmill, you must have flashed how those athletes do it, how do they ignore the physiological state of pain? In fact, the biggest challenges and obstacles to achieving fitness goals are usually not whether there is strong physical fitness, the focus is on “sports spirit.” In this regard, VR (Virtual Reality) can provide a great help!

Wear willpower and forget the pain instantly
When you use VR in your exercise, your brain will focus on other stimuli to help you get rid of pain and fatigue. Wearing VR headsets, 80% of the brain will focus on the visual experience, relatively ignoring the level of the original psychological tolerance, it feels like wearing an athlete-like determination and willpower.

Some VR games are even dedicated to “fitness” to help you burn calories easily. For people who feel extremely painful about sports and just want to be lazy on the sofa, VR games allow you to get up and move on your own. Amazingly, you wo n’t even realize that you are doing sports! San Francisco State University created the VR Health Institute to measure the essence of games through the benefits of calorie burning, so that they can effectively play a role in helping human health.

Bonus points for body and mind regulator
VR can change the normal exercise program and eliminate the monotonous feeling. It is not only easy to run, but also can take care of your health. We all know that continuous exercise secretes endorphin, which makes people feel “happy”, makes you completely relax, forgets the troubles of work, and reduces stress.

VR also has a clear role in this regard! Medical research has been using VR to help maintain the nerve agility of the elderly, and even help patients face traumatic stress, and can also be used to help people’s mental health. Imagine that with VR, you can easily “fly” yourself to other places in your home or office. Imagine the mood of waiting for the Aurora in Iceland will definitely help you reduce anxiety and adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

Tool kit ready, best weapon loaded
Some VR studios hope to open their own professional gyms this year, but you do n’t actually need to step into the gym. You can use VR to upgrade your workouts, all of which can be done comfortably at home, only suitable equipment is needed.

Before starting a VR workout, of course you need to buy a VR headset. Usually Oculus Rift or HTC Vive are the earphones of choice for fitness enthusiasts, ensuring a high-quality and immersive experience.

To fully enjoy VR exercises, your computer also needs to have the best support! During the exercise of VR games, the most annoying thing is that the sudden failure of technology can not update to the best state of the individual. VR can deplete the memory of the PC. Make sure that the PC uses at least 8GB of memory for the HTC Vive, or at least 16GB of RAM when using the Oculus Rift. In addition to enough RAM, having enough graphics cards is also important to ensure good quality of VR images.

Installing Crucial DRAM is the best choice. The Crucial website provides simple text teaching, so that novice technologists do not need to worry about installation problems. Crucial is a consumer brand under the global semiconductor manufacturer Micron. The quality is undoubted and the consumer The first choice of components in mind. In addition, the e-sports memory brand Ballistix, which is also a subsidiary of Micron, can also be included in the ranking. The performance verified by professional e-sports players is divided into Sport / Tactical / Elite 3 levels according to various needs of players. It is a high-quality memory with guaranteed quality and rave reviews.

For people who want to gently enhance fitness, Tilt Brush may be a good starting point, or you can warm up before your main workout. For fitness enthusiasts, Sparc is a VR dodge ball training, constantly avoiding obstacles, very suitable for adjusting the upper body and lower body! Or Audioshield can also really burn fat!

These are just a few of the entry options, and of course there are more options. Once the “kit” is ready, you can begin to exercise with more confidence. At the end of spring and early summer, when it is not moving at this time, when should you wait? Get up and win back your health and confidence!

Benefits of using Crucial memory upgrade:
Immediately improve the performance of desktop or laptop computers.
It is nearly 10 times cheaper than buying a brand new computer (Note 1).
Information and files are still safe and unaffected.
Faster application loading, easier multitasking, and improved response speed.
easy installation.
Lifetime limited warranty (Note 2).
The components and modules are 100% tested and the reliability is not compromised.
Backed by Micron’s expert quality and engineering innovation for nearly 40 years, the quality is guaranteed and absolutely reliable.
Advantages of Ballistix gaming memory:
Proven performance for professional eSports players.
XMP profiles can be overclocked faster and easier.
A bloody design that can change the look of any equipment.
Lifetime limited warranty (Note 2).
The only game memory brand of major memory manufacturers.
Note 1: According to IDC data, from 2013 to 2015, Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo notebook and desktop computers with the largest shipments were priced at $ 400-600. In this price range, many systems use 4GB DDR3 memory. As of August 1, 2016, according to Crucial’s manufacturer webpage, the cost of doubling the memory installation is $ 37.99 (Crucial DDR3 memory 8GB combination, product number CT2KIT51264BF160B ), The cost of selecting Crucial MX300 275GB solid state drive is 69.99 USD (product number CT275MX300SSD1). Among the above brands, the average price range of IDC data for desktop and notebook computers with the most shipments is US $ 500; these parts cost a total of US $ 107.98 (excluding tax), which is less than a quarter. All prices are subject to change, based on current exchange rates. The relevant statements are purely illustrative.

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