A Guide To The Angry Birds Games

A Guide To The Angry Birds Games

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Angry Birds 3 stars Raiders focus, 22 golden eggs get all
The most popular game this year is none other than “Angry Birds”. Don’t look at its cute screen and simple operation, but it takes a lot of wisdom and skills to get through the level of promotion. No wonder such a simple game can make many people Forget about sleeping and forgetting food. This whirlwind of angry birds not only spans major mobile phones, PCs and other game platforms, but also appears many games teaching videos and websites. What is the charm of AngryBirds? How to take mysterious hidden treasure golden egg? Organize it for you this time!
After the Happy Farm in 2009 and the Plants vs. Zombies in 2010, the most popular game of the year is “Angry Birds”. Not only on iPhones and iPads, mobile devices with Android operating system can be played, and even Symbian mobile phones, Palm and even PSP, PS3 and other home game consoles have portable versions, even if you have only one desktop computer The same can be executed directly from the browser, and spent a few tens of yuan can sleep and forget.

How to easily pass
The pass condition for Angry Birds is to kill all pigs, but pigs will hide in buildings or wear hard hats to increase defense. If you only pass the pass and do not ask for evaluation, sometimes depending on the terrain, angry birds do not necessarily aim at pigs. Attack is the focus of attacking the building. For example, the bottom of the building is supported by two wooden planks. As long as the attack is deliberate, it will tilt or fall down. The collapse of the building will crush or crush the pigs. In addition, there are many auxiliary materials that can be used in the content of the level, such as explosives, balls, clouds, roller coasters, air balloons, etc. If you attack them with angry birds, they can also explode and rebound to kill pigs.

The author has tried, even if the angry bird is fired at a fixed angle every time, the degree of damage or collapse of the building will be different, so there is no absolute result after the attack, and it is still a big factor to want to pass the luck easily. But to be honest, it is not difficult to completely break this game. The difficulty is to pass the evaluation. If you want to pass all the 3 stars in the card, it will really take a lot of time.
3 Star Raiders Highlights
In the game of Angry Birds, after passing the level, there are scores of 1 star to 3 stars, and the conditions for getting stars will not be specified before the start of each level. However, according to the author’s game experience, most of the content that affects the number of stars is the score, the number of angry birds used, the total defense of the pigs, and whether the level plus points are obtained or used. Sometimes there are special conditions, such as attacking by rebounding against obstacles. However, the evaluation of the stars after passing the level will not affect the game content. You can play it at the basic level, but it has an impact on the Bonus level such as Golden Egg.

Can’t get 3 stars after playing for a long time? Rovio may also find that it is really difficult to get 3 stars in all levels, so it has been released on YouTube how to get 3 stars. Readers can go to YouTube to search for “Official Angry Birds”. Or take a peek at the foreign websites introduced later.
Foreign netizens come to help
Want to know the correct way to get 3 stars for each level of Angry Birds? Although a variety of 3 star guide videos have appeared on YouTube, it takes too much time one by one, and the author shares a great standpoint of the angry bird. The content is very rich, there are already prepared all-level Raiders videos, including the basic version, the Season version and the latest Rio version, in addition to how to open the hidden levels, the golden egg pass Raiders method of video ⋯⋯, etc. The birds play the most vividly, and here you are.
Hidden golden egg level
During the game, the player’s screen may sometimes suddenly jump out of a golden egg. What is the use of this golden egg? Simply put, it is a level for entertainment. Every time you fail to pass the level again and again, are you full of fire when you see the expression of pigs and the sound of pigs? As long as we get the golden egg, we can use it to extinguish the fire. For example, the content of one level is to use only one bird and nearly a hundred pigs, but with three gunpowder boxes, as long as you hit it, it will all detonate. Is n’t it fun to play like this? Another golden egg content is to listen to all the sound effects in the game.

However, the golden egg is a hidden treasure, which is not easy to find in the game, and the hidden place is often unexpected, and some are not in the game content at all. For example, the method of obtaining a golden egg is to require the player to read the list of production personnel. You will get it automatically.

There are a total of 22 golden eggs, each of which is different. The author thinks that he is not an angry bird master, so he did not get it. Some of the methods are only known on the Internet, but the conditions for seeing golden eggs are all 3 levels. Xing gave up, but helped you organize the information on the Internet for your reference. After reading, you should be able to successfully collect 22 golden eggs.
Do this the fastest
It’s called Angry Birds, but it’s really more and more angry before you pass it. Come and drink a cup of tea to get rid of gas. In fact, there is a simpler way to completely break it. Playing electric games depends on cheating with gold fingers. Of course, playing angry birds can also cheat! Angry Birds cheat files can be used on the Internet, Android Market or Apple ’s App Store. Although some are paid versions, as long as you spend some time, you can still find the free version to download. Play all levels and golden eggs.

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