5 secret healing powers of pineapple

5 secret healing powers of pineapple

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Inflammation is the culprit of all diseases! National Taiwan University doctor teaches you to eat breakfast like this, improve your chronic inflammation
“Inflammation” is the secret killer hidden behind the disease

It is about the “secret killer” that is inseparable from the occurrence of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Who could this be? It is a health issue that is receiving more and more attention-“inflammation reaction”.

There are two types of inflammation in the human body, one is acute inflammation and the other is chronic inflammation. An acute inflammatory reaction is a necessary process for the body to repair when it encounters an injury; but if this necessary inflammatory process is dragged on for too long and too long, an “autoimmune disease” will occur. I believe that many people have heard this term. Often when doctors have been diagnosed for a long time and cannot blame the cause of the disease, they will say that your immune system is imbalanced and your autoimmunity is in trouble. The type and incidence of these diseases have indeed continued to increase. For example, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, and psoriasis (commonly known as psoriasis) are all problems caused by chronic inflammation of the body. In fact, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are also the result of chronic inflammation of cells in different parts.

Eat right, can effectively fight inflammation

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, any long-term or sudden pain, such as headaches, backaches, and allergies, is also an inflammatory phenomenon. In the face of this kind of discomfort, many people will take anti-inflammatory painkillers, Antihistamines to solve. These drugs can effectively suppress pain, but also harm the stomach and kidneys. If taken for a long time, they will also destroy the health of the gastrointestinal mucosa.

The skin and mucous membranes are the first line of defense of the human immune system. This is like an ancient city wall, symbolizing a country ’s national defense capability. If the city wall is very stable and does not leak water, foreign invaders will not easily succeed. For the human body, the health of the skin and gastrointestinal mucosa is just like this city wall, which is the first very basic and important defense of the human body.

Each kind of medicine has corresponding side effects. Taking medicine to suppress inflammation and pain, but incurring another problem, if you don’t want to fall into the circle of taking medicine, what should you do? Are there any good nutrients that can replace drugs that can produce therapeutic effects without side effects? Looking back at the mechanism of inflammation, you will know that creating very healthy skin and mucous membranes can successfully prevent external invasion. The correct and healthy lifestyle and eating habits can build a sound intestinal mucosa system, strengthen the protection and protection of the body’s first line of defense, and the immune system can quickly react and suppress the pathogens when they invade. In addition, Omega3, pineapple enzyme, and turmeric are also suitable supplements. These natural nutrients can play a reinforcing role when the diet is overworked and the body is overworked, resulting in immune imbalance. .
The best anti-inflammatory foods: vegetables and fruits, correct fats

The primitive vegetable diet is an effective anti-inflammatory diet. From the anti-inflammatory diet pyramid, it can be clearly seen that the basis of the pyramid is mainly a large number of starch-free vegetables and fruits, high-quality protein and good fats. These are staple foods that are not easy to make blood sugar soar. You can eat nuts at breakfast, and eat foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids such as avocado, sesame and olive oil, which can improve inflammation. When it comes to the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits of vegetables and fruits, it is hard to say.

Many fruits and vegetables or natural foods have antioxidant properties, or can activate the detoxification function of enzymes to fight aging, such as apples, pomegranates, guava, bitter melon seeds, bitter melon, seaweed, oats, psyllium seed shell powder, various mushrooms With onions etc. And the antioxidant effect of vegetables and fruits can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells, or promote the differentiation of cancer cells, weakening its influence. Even when the antioxidant concentration of these fruits and vegetables or natural substances reaches a certain level, it can promote the accelerated apoptosis of cancer cells, and can also increase the sensitivity of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and has few side effects.
Natural enzymes to repair the gastrointestinal tract

The human gastrointestinal tract requires many types of enzymes to help maintain health, but in fact, many foods have these beneficial enzymes, especially fruits and vegetables. But most of the enzymes are composed of protein, so high temperature cooking is easy to destroy its activity, so cooked food can get less enzyme.

The enzymes in food are mainly amylase, lipase and proteinase. If you really can’t get a balanced diet to get all the necessary enzymes for the human body, it is recommended that you use the enzymes mentioned above for the digestive tract in nutritional supplements, or supplement the fruits to absorb the important enzymes. The following four fruits contain a lot of decomposing enzymes, which can be a good helper for health care when eaten in moderation

Green Papaya

Green papaya, which has not yet matured, is usually not sweet enough, but the abundant papain and vitamin C are present in its pulp, which has the effect of promoting digestion, and can break down lactic acid in muscles, reducing the accumulation of too much lactic acid in the body after excessive exercise or labor. The resulting fatigue can also prevent the accumulation of body fat.


Contains a large amount of vitamin C and polyphenols with a high antioxidant effect, which can nourish beauty. Its dietary fiber and carbohydrates are also very helpful for the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, which is comparable to the effect of lactic acid bacteria on the whole bowel. In particular, its unique sulfur-containing protein-decomposing enzyme has a particularly obvious effect on digestion, and the content of green kiwi is much higher than that of yellow kiwi, and the more mature the fruit is, the higher the content is. It is very suitable for people who love meat. Helpful.


It contains a lot of vitamin B1, which can convert dietary fiber and sugar into energy, and the flesh and stems are also rich in digestive enzymes, which can help the body decompose protein after consumption. In addition to the three major effects of anti-inflammation, increased immunity and thrombolysis, pineapple enzymes can also make the meat soft and suitable for cooking. It is a good fruit for health.


It contains various digestive enzymes such as amylase, maltase and sucrose enzyme, and is rich in potassium, which is very helpful for the body to metabolize water.

When the physical strength is weak, appropriate supplement of nutritional supplements

The human body builds and maintains the necessary functions of the body by eating food or nutrients into the body. If you eat bad things, the body will naturally absorb it directly to meet the needs of physiological operations. A weak protective net. But if you provide good nutrients to the body, it will naturally be absorbed and used as a physiological function to build a perfect immune mechanism and build a solid defense wall for healthy and normal cells.

Everyone knows that it is important for health to establish a regular lifestyle, reduce stress, cultivate good habits of moderate exercise, eat a healthy and normal diet such as eating more fruits and vegetables and dietary fiber. But how many people can really implement everything in this way?

If you look at your life style and dietary inertia, but you can’t do everything, then what nutritional supplements can we supplement for ourselves? In case of malnutrition triggering inflammation, corresponding nutrients are also needed to achieve a balanced anti-inflammatory effect. Let me introduce to you a few good helpers to strengthen the immune protection net: essential fatty acid Omega-3, and pineapple enzyme and curcumin with anti-inflammatory effect.

Eat right on Omega-3

Omega-6 and Omega-3 are the two main essential fatty acids in the human body. Among them, Omega-6 is abundant in nuts, cereals, soybean oil, corn oil and other oil products. In addition to protecting the cell structure, it also regulates metabolism, promotes immune response and strengthens platelet aggregation. It is conceivable that if Omega-6 is over-ingested, it will always start an inflammatory response to fight bacteria and blood coagulation, which may cause cardiovascular disease.

Omega-3 is mostly found in deep-sea fish and algae. It also plays an important role in physiological functions and can help prevent the formation of vascular deposits, including reducing abnormal inflammation of the body, prevention of excessive blood inflammation, and insulin response Improvement, promotion of cell membrane health, and regulation of prostate secretion, etc., as a whole have anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

In daily diets, Omega-6 is easier to ingest, while Omega-3 is relatively rare in foods that can be widely ingested. These two essential fatty acids actually compete with each other in the body, so it needs to be deliberately taken. Strengthening supplementation can maintain the balance between the two, but at the same time increase the chance of ingesting beneficial oils to build a physiological system.
Omega-3 in the diet

Omega-3 is mostly found in linseed seeds, walnuts, canola oil, and deep-sea fish oil. It contains a variety of fatty acids, among which we often hear EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid; eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (Docosahexanenoic Acid; 22 Hexaenoic acid) and ALA (α-linolenic acid) are very important types of human health: EPA helps reduce blood viscosity and protect cardiovascular tissue; DHA is important for brain, heart, nervous system, kidney and The functioning of the eyes has a direct impact.

The correct diet concept is an important habit that can not be ignored outside of adequate sleep and proper exercise. Incorrect diet methods lead to obesity and promote chronic inflammation, while ALA in essential fatty acids and DHA and EPA rich in fish oil can inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory substances. On the contrary, margarine, instant food, high-temperature fried foods, and linoleic acid, which is rich in most vegetable oils, will promote the production of pro-inflammatory substances in large quantities.

We often hear that fish oil or aquatic animal oils used to supplement Omega-3 are mostly taken from the lipids of cold-water fish, such as herring, salmon, mackerel, sardine, salmon, trout, anchovy, etc. Fish oil is indeed rich in EPA and DHA. ALA in linseed seeds will be converted into EPA and DHA in the body. It has certain improvement and inhibition effects on inflammation and cancer cell growth. Rapeseed oil and perilla seed oil are also rich in Omega-3 ingredients. In terms of eating habits, these fats and oils should not be cooked at high temperatures. For breakfast, you can add a handful of nuts seeds, and add some sesame and olive oil to the lettuce salad. These ingredients rich in unsaturated fatty acids all have the effect of improving inflammation.
Natural anti-inflammatory agent pineapple enzyme

When discussing anti-inflammation, it is necessary to have a good understanding of pineapple enzyme, because it contributes to the health of the gastrointestinal tract, has an anti-inflammatory effect that cannot be underestimated, and is also an indispensable nutritional supplement.

The bromelain enzyme is bromelain, which roughly contains two substances: one is a protease extracted from plants of the bromeliaceae family, and the other is a combination of these proteases and other ingredients extracted from the bromeliad. In other words, pineapple enzymes can be said to be a general term for a group of proteolytic enzymes and some glycoproteins. It has three major effects: anti-inflammation, boosting immunity and dissolving blood clots. It was first used in the medical field in 1957 because it successfully blocked some inflammatory metabolites that would accelerate the inflammatory response and worsen the situation.

To put it simply, pineapple enzyme can help the body effectively reduce some unnecessary and excessive inflammation. It can help the body cells block the transmission of inflammation and tell the body the right message to reduce inflammation, and avoid continuing excessive inflammation. Cause more harm to the body.

Further understanding is that, as we mentioned earlier, the inflammatory response is a series of very complex processes that require many substances such as cytokines, hormones, prostaglandins, various leukocytes and vasodilators released by platelets to control this inflammation. The reaction system works, and pineapple enzymes can regulate their synthesis and cut off the transmission path of this series of inflammatory reactions, so they have anti-inflammatory effects.

Carefully analyze the role of pineapple enzyme in that it can break down fibrin with hemostatic effect and reduce excessive platelet aggregation, which has a certain slowing effect on thrombosis in the blood, especially in the arteries, and this kind of dredge effect also Can inhibit the occurrence of edema.

In addition, it can also reduce the production of inflamed prostaglandins, reduce the effectiveness of prostaglandin, a powerful platelet agglutinant, and avoid causing inflammation. At the same time, it enhances the competitiveness of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and inhibits the production of an inflammatory reaction. Of soothing hormones, which in turn slows inflammation. Pineapple enzymes can also reduce the activity of phagocytic cells, weaken their fighting power, reduce the production of free radicals, and accelerate the phagocytosis of granulocytes and mononuclear cells used by the body to eliminate invaders, so that the inflammation of the muscles can be relieved.

With the increasing living pressure of modern people year by year and various negative impacts of the living environment such as air pollution, radiation pollution, ultraviolet rays, etc., more and more nutritional supplements are being produced. Many of them emphasize antioxidant ingredients that eliminate free radicals, such as grape seed, red wine extract, green tea leaf extract, artichoke leaf extract, and curcumin. In fact, these ingredients are also helpful for protecting liver cells. Especially in the past year, functional medicine has affirmed curcumin as an effective ingredient that can help the liver detoxify and have anti-inflammatory functions. There are many cases of curcumin in the United States.

The orange component in Indian curry is turmeric, and curcumin is extracted from the roots of turmeric. This yellow turmeric extract was an early natural food coloring used in the food industry. The higher benefit of human health lies in its antioxidant capacity, which is not only 2.75 times more than that of vitamin C, 2.33 times that of bioflavonoids, but also 1.6 times higher than that of vitamin E. It is found in clinical medicine that in addition to its antioxidant effect, it also has good efficacy in reducing blood lipids, anti-inflammatory, tumor suppression, anti-cancer and preventing atherosclerosis because of its anti-inflammatory effect that can prevent blood clotting.

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