3 Amazon Price Tracking Tools

3 Amazon Price Tracking Tools

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3 Amazon price tracking tools for desktop or browser
For years, Amazon has been the largest e-commerce retailer, and as the company began to develop its own popular products (such as Kindle Fire and Echo Dot), there is no sign that it will slow down.

Once a small online bookstore, it is now a huge online marketplace that can directly sell its own products and also allow third-party merchants to list the products to be sold. With such a complicated list, thrifty and shrewd people are always looking for new ways to use Amazon transactions.
Amazon rarely holds large-scale sales, the most popular is Prime Day, but the price has dropped significantly, and transactions are initiated every day, so

However, to benefit thousands of shoppers, there are several online Amazon price tracking tools that aggregate the price history of Amazon ’s millions of products and stores. In this article, let us introduce some of the best Amazon price tracking tools for your desktop or browser.

Keepa is the Amazon price tracking tool in our preferred browser. Browser extensions through Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, and even on mobile devices through the Firefox application.

Although Keepa does provide advanced features, I have been using it for free for years, and this is the best way for me to track the best time to snap up products on Amazon.

After creating an account and installing one of Keepa’s browser extensions, it will automatically display a price history chart on each Amazon product page.
This allows you to know at a glance the best time to buy the product. This picture alone saves me from buying products at tens of percentage points above its lowest price, which feels good.

Keepa will also allow you to set a single price reminder for the product
After triggering, you can send these price notifications to your email, Facebook, telegram, desktop notifications, or even RSS feed.

Keepa makes Amazon’s price tracking simple and intuitive.

CamelCamelCamel is amazingly similar to Keepa. The main difference is the function of each website, not its browser extension. CamelCamelCamel’s website provides an Amazon price tracking tool that provides very confusing and inconsistent results. It feels like a step back from searching directly on Amazon.

CamelCamelCamel provides browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome users, whose extension is almost the same as that of Keepa.

The main difference is that Keepa’s price list is embedded in the Amazon page itself, and the price of CamelCamelCamel is accessed through the extension icon in the browser toolbar. When navigating to the Amazon product page, you will see the extension icon light up. Click it to display the price chart of the product.
The chart allows you to show or hide the price type (using Amazon, new third parties and third parties), and you can easily create price alerts directly from this pop-up window by entering the desired price.

Choose CamelCamelCamel If you need more complete website functions provided by Keepa, or relative to other charts, you can easily choose Keepa. Both work very similarly and very well.

SlickDeals is completely different from Keepa and CamelCamelCamel. From the perspective of keeping the database full of price history, it is not a traditional Amazon price tracking service. Instead, it completely relies on the community to submit related transactions.

This method of transaction management has advantages and disadvantages, but over the years, SlickDeals users have become their technical masters. For example, SlickDeals first discovered a $ 13,000 camera that sold for only $ 90 (obviously the wrong price) during Prime Day 2019.

Amazon is all over SlickDeals, which is one of the official stores they list. Their search results. This allows users to narrow the scope of transaction alerts to only alerts that appear on Amazon.
Although you may not be able to provide the URL of SlickDeals Amazon products to monitor their price fluctuations, what you can do is add custom transaction alerts to narrow down to the exact store, category, brand, and keywords. As shown above, adding this alert will let me know the transaction where the user found the Kingston DataTraveler flash drive on Amazon.

SlickDeals also has an official browser extension, but it can work normally more like honey than Keepa or CamelCamelCamel. It is more a coupon tracker than a price tracker. However, SlickDeals does have an advantage over the other two trackers on this list. It is an excellent app for iOS and Android.

It must be Amazon’s price tracking service, and you won’t regret trying SlickDeals. You will be surprised to find that the community has discovered these transactions!

Spending time establishing and keeping track of one of these three Amazon price tracking and transaction tracking services will bring you profits in the long run. If your goal is to become a more frugal shopper, please definitely try all three options listed above!

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