10 Tips To Use Dropbox More Effectively

10 Tips To Use Dropbox More Effectively

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New Dropbox work: 10 file organizing functions you may not know
If the previous Dropbox was a cloud hard disk service focused on synchronization and sharing, then Dropbox between 2014 and 2015 can be said to work very hard towards the direction of a workplace work platform. In addition to synchronization speed and easy-to-use file sharing, there are many more advanced new file organizing functions.

Especially in 2015, I clearly felt the multiple new features of Dropbox, which started to let us not only use Dropbox as a space for storing files, but also as a platform for multi-person management projects, applied in the workplace teamwork, or It is the school’s report exchange that new features bring higher efficiency.

So today ’s article is about Dropbox ’s new job teaching. In addition to file synchronization that everyone knows, what other advanced file sorting skills that you may not know, but are very useful? Of course, these skills can be used in the free version!

1. Request files from others: better than sharing! Dropbox introduces the ability to request files from anyone
For example, school teachers want students to hand in assignments in the cloud, or project managers want people from different departments to quickly centralize files in their own folders, and like family members to upload photos after a family trip.

As long as you want people who do not use Dropbox to easily upload their files to your Dropbox, you should use Dropbox’s built-in “File Request” function.
2. Leave a message next to the file to discuss: shared files can also be communicated instantly! Dropbox launches a major update on message collaboration
For example, I shared the cover file of the new book with several partners to browse, and I hope to get their feedback. Or when we share a report or administrative document, everyone has some different ideas about this file that need to be communicated. Or, after submitting the homework and report, I found some problems with this file.

At this time, the file message function of Dropbox internals can keep everyone’s discussion string next to the file preview, which can be used as a simple and fast communication channel during cooperatio

3. Instantly edit Dropbox files with online Office: no need to install Office! Dropbox built-in Office Online instant editing
Unless you switch to the Google Drive online office platform, the largest file exchange may be a variety of Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint files.

At this time, Dropbox’s online platform allows us to directly open the document files in Dropbox for editing without installing Office software on the computer. All modifications are synchronized with Dropbox, allowing us to complete documents and trial calculations on the web page. Production of tables and presentations.
4. Directly transfer additional Gmail files to Dropbox: Dropbox is integrated into Gmail! Introduce mail to cloud file plug-in
Google ’s Gmail has of course built-in Google Drive, which allows us to store and insert additional files in the mail more easily, and even exceeds the file size limit, and can insert very large files into the mail.

5. Dropbox users can simply install the extra large and large Dropbox attachment files in Gmail or transfer the Gmail email attachments directly to Dropbox storage as long as they install the package described in the link above.
Quickly upload and share screenshots: Dropbox desktop software has a built-in one-click screenshot and instant share screenshot link
This feature was actually launched in 2013, but not many friends know it. As long as we turn on the “Share Screen Screenshot with Dropbox” function in the Dropbox desktop synchronization software, we can use the [PrintScreen] button on the computer keyboard to take a screenshot, and the cut image files will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox and the sharing URL will be obtained.

6. This is very convenient and useful for friends who often need to exchange desktop information at work.
File rescue of important data: the best file rescue software also needs 100% to recover accidentally deleted files
We always have the possibility of accidentally deleting files, overwriting wrong files, and retrieving previously modified versions of documents. At this time, compared to stand-alone file rescue software, cloud synchronization is actually a nearly 100% effective option to save files.

In Dropbox, you can save files that were deleted by mistake within 30 days, and restore a modified version of a certain file. This is a skill we will definitely use in the workplace, and it can solve the big troubles we encounter.
7. Collaborate to make Office documents conflict-free: No more conflicting copies: Dropbox file collaboration icon is available for free
If you have used Dropbox for many years, you must have encountered the problem of conflicting file versions. When multiple people open the same shared file at the same time, Dropbox will generate multiple copies of files to avoid overwriting important content.

But now the new Dropbox is much smarter, the documents for Microsoft Office will show a “collaboration icon”, in this bubble will tell you who is editing this file together, when the content is updated, real-time synchronization, and even Use this bubble for instant communication.
8. Open cloud files with computer software: Dropbox’s most important technological breakthrough: Cloud web pages replace file managers!
We may still be accustomed to opening the built-in file manager in Windows at work, but my own expectation is that one day the file management in the cloud will be more convenient than this machine, and even have more functions. This is actually in the cloud of Google Drive File management has been partially realized: Google Drive helps file time management: task teaching of cloud hard disk files.

The web version of Dropbox is actually a convenient online file manager, and it also supports directly using the corresponding stand-alone software already installed on the computer to open the file files in the Dropbox cloud web page. 9. Build a team’s cloud FTP: worth testing by a small team! Dropbox Enterprise Edition features open and free to use
The file sharing management method of the real company team has different requirements from the file management method of our general workplace biased to individual teams.

The file management of the company team needs to be able to establish different project groups, have a more detailed distribution of rights and responsibilities, and manage it by the company ’s personnel instead of files. At this time, we can use Dropbox to only decentralize from the enterprise version. The free version can also use the team function to solve the needs.
10. Let Chromebook also have Dropbox sync folder: How to integrate and sync Dropbox file folder in Chromebook?
As far as I know, there are many schools and companies in Taiwan that use Google Apps services, and Google ’s Chromebook is a laptop that is cost-effective and can meet the working environment of Google App.

But what if you also want to use Dropbox in a Chromebook environment? Now there is also a way to integrate Dropbox cloud sync folder into Chrome OS operating system.

Most of the above 10 new Dropbox file sorting techniques are new features that have been added one after another in the past two years. Perhaps you may not find it for a long time using Dropbox, but each one is helpful to work efficiency, so this article Organize it for everyone’s reference at a time, so that your school report or workplace work because Dropbox is more handy.

And if you want more space, do n’t miss the ongoing one: “Win 25GB of free space in Dropbox! The college cup event starts again.”

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