10 tips for you to play around with Windows 10

10 tips for you to play around with Windows 10

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Now more and more users are using the Win10 system. As the saying goes, sharpening the knife does not cut the woodworker by mistake, and mastering certain usage skills can do more with less. So, do you all know how to use Win10? I do n’t think so? Today I will share with you 10 tips for using Windows 10, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
1. Batch number of pictures

Most photos copied from digital cameras will have very complicated file names, which are neither good-looking nor easy to manage. In fact, a batch rename function has been built into Win10. Just select the picture to be encoded, right-click “Rename”, and then rename one of the files to “Name (X)” (numbers in parentheses, For example 1, 2, 3 …). After you press Enter, the system will affix a different number to each picture according to this rule.

2. Automatic display of memo recording time

Many people like to use notepad to make notes, but lack of record of modification time, sometimes it seems inconvenient. In fact, you can write “.LOG” at the beginning of the notepad (note that “LOG” must be capitalized), and then add various contents according to your usual habits. When you open it again, you will find a series of numbers at the end of the notepad, which is actually your last save time. The most powerful is that after this setting, every time you archive Win10 will automatically record the last save time, you can clearly see the entire document editing process.

3. Forcibly call up the Charm column

Win10 cancels the Charm sidebar in the desktop environment. Even if you check “Show super buttons when I point to the upper right corner” in the options, it will not help (of course I think this may also be a bug in the current version). So what if you are used to it? Very simple, try Win + C!

4. Intelligent window arrangement

It is undoubtedly depressing to be blocked when arranging windows, Win10 solves this problem well. When we use drag and drop to display a window in split screen (currently only 1/2 scale), the operating system will use the remaining area of ​​the screen to automatically display thumbnails of other windows. If you want to display it side by side with the current window, just click it!

4. How to quickly find the application in the start menu?

There may be many programs installed on the computer, and it may appear too “dazzling” in the start menu to find. In addition to direct query in the Cortana search bar, you can also quickly locate in alphabetical order in the start menu.

Enter all programs, click on any sorted capital letters or numbers, etc., and then you will see the alphabet (including English and Pinyin), select the desired item, and then you can directly enter the category with the same initial letter as the application name you are looking for. Eliminate the hassle of searching from scratch.

5. Desktop magnifying glass

When you want to see something on the desktop, you can use the following shortcut keys. Press and hold the windows key on the keyboard and then press the + key to zoom in. This function is very useful for the elderly.
6. Turn on the virtual keyboard

If a key on the keyboard fails, you can try to call up the virtual keyboard to assist in use. Press and hold Windows + R to enter osk to open the virtual keyboard, click with the mouse to enter, as shown below

7. Turn on your own screen recording

Press the windows key + R, windows comes with the recording function. Enter psr.exe and press Enter, then you can start recording, as shown below.

8. Quick uninstall and lock screen

In Windows 7 system, uninstalling the software is a very tedious task, and can only be uninstalled through “Programs and Features” in the “Control Panel” option. Now the taller Windows 10 simplifies the problem. The program in the start menu Click the right mouse button on the list to quickly uninstall.

Switch tablet mode?

Click the “operation center” icon on the right side of the task bar, and then click the “tablet mode” tile (as shown below). Or turn on the “switch” in Start → Settings → System → Tablet mode.

10. Download offline map

This feature has been available on the mobile terminal before, but now Win 10 users can also use it. You can open the map application that comes with Win 10, and select the map you want to download through the “Settings” option, so that when you don’t have an Internet connection, you can also view the map. The map size of China is 2.4G, it is recommended that everyone download it will be more convenient.

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