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10 best fruits and 10 worst fruits, we are all wrong

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Experts believe that eating more fruits and vegetables is beneficial. Fruits can provide necessary nutrients, fiber and other health factors. If you often enjoy fruits, that’s great. The only thing to note is that-like all foods-some fruits will contain more calories (calories), while other fruits will contain more sugar.

Remember, the fruit is healthy and delicious, please continue to enjoy. Although the high sugar content of some fruits is not what you want, it is not the same as eating sugar. Fruit contains various vitamins and nutrients and is much healthier than candy. What’s more, fruits provide countless health benefits, while candy does not.

The good fruits mentioned below refer to the fruits with low sugar content, rich in antioxidants and anti-cancer properties, which bring benefits to your health. Bad fruits are only those fruits with more than 10 grams of sugar and more calories. It does not mean that these bad fruits are really bad.

Ten best fruits:
Blueberries: Blueberries are one of the most antioxidant fruits you can eat! Blueberries have an ultra-low glycemic index, which is very beneficial to diabetics.

Watermelon: contains nearly 82% water, watermelon is a delicious summer staple food. Because watermelon contains sugar, it is better to eat only a few slices each time instead of eating the whole watermelon. Even though it contains sugar itself, watermelon has been shown to lower people’s blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

The fiber in raspberries contains a lot of carbohydrates, which helps you maintain a feeling of fullness.

Lemon: Lemon contains very little sugar and is rich in vitamin C, which can prevent rheumatoid arthritis. Lemon delicacy can be obtained by squeezing juice. In your tea, grilled chicken and even lemon in pasta are good choices.

Guava: 80 grams of guava fruit contains only 4.7 grams of sugar. The best is that guava has the effect of protecting eyesight, preventing cancer, and even promoting weight loss.

Grapefruit: Half a grapefruit contains only 8 grams of sugar. Grapefruit is also full of vitamin C.

Strawberry: The beautiful red color makes strawberry a very nutritious fruit. Phenolic acid not only gives strawberry a brilliant color, but also helps regulate blood sugar. Each cup of strawberry contains only 7 grams of sugar. Strawberry is a very good healthy dessert.

Mulberry: A whole cup of mulberry contains only 9 grams of sugar and is rich in fiber, folic acid, vitamin C and potassium.

Blackberry: Blackberry contains 4.8 grams of sugar per cup, which makes it a good choice for you, not to mention it is also great for your heart.

Cranberries: In addition to vitamin C, cranberries also contain some phytonutrients. Its taste is sometimes bitter, but this is only due to their limited sugar content.

Ten worst fruits:
Figs: Fresh figs are rich in fiber and can help lower blood pressure, but the fruit contains a lot of sugar-100 grams of figs contains about 16 grams of sugar.

Xiang Jiao: Bananas are full of potassium and easy to digest, which is really a good snack. However, a medium-sized banana contains 14 grams of sugar, which requires attention when eating.

Mango: In addition to vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B6, mango is also full of soluble fiber. However, the delicious fruit has a high sugar content even according to the standards of the fruit. A mango contains 31 grams of sugar, so be sure to cut it into slices and share such a sweet fruit.

Grapes: A cup of grapes contains 15 grams of sugar. However, grapes help reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Pomegranate: Pomegranate seeds are delicious and beautiful autumn fruits, but one whole pomegranate contains about 39 grams of sugar, which is why you should try seeds sprinkled on yogurt instead of eating a whole bowl. Despite its high sugar content, pomegranate has been proven to benefit the heart and even delay the aging process.

Cherries: Cherries are full of vitamin C, which helps fight disease, but eating 100 grams of cherries will contain 13 grams of sugar.

Apple: As the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away from me” because apples are found to help regulate blood sugar and are an important source of dietary fiber. However, a medium-sized apple contains an astonishing 19 grams of sugar.

Dried fruits: Dried fruits are super delicious because they usually contain more sugar than raw fruits. One cup of raisins contains more than 434 calories.

Pineapple: Pineapple is a good way to get delicious vitamin C. It will help digestion if eaten. But remember, a cup of pineapple chunks contains 16 grams of sugar, so please be moderate when enjoying this rich fruit.

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